transport facility

The parents admitting their wards shall have to arrange their own conveyance for both reaching at the school & picking up the child at the close of the school.
The school has five school buses on contract basis and are not compulsory for the children. The senior students are encouraged to come by own cycles or by walk. However those desirous of availing the transport facility are welcome to use the buses available.
The contractual buses of the school are maintained in well order and all specifications of Local Administration/ Legal Authorities are met. If even then the buses meet with some accident fatal & otherwise, the parents using the bus service for their ward will not hold School Authorities responsible for it.

The Rules & Regulations concerned to Bus Service are as below:

  1. The bus service will be for the complete session. If someone ceases to avail the facility even after a few days, he/she shall have to pay for the complete session.

  2. One-way bus service is not allowed; If anyhow, the concerned Authority looking into one’s problem allows someone to avail one-way bus facility, then one shall have to pay for two-ways as usual. If some students stay for evening Sports/ Special Classes then the parents shall have to pick up their wards as their own but anyhow, shall have to pay for both (up & down).

  3. The payment for bus facility is to be made on a monthly basis and in advance while paying School fee and funds.

  4. The payment is to be made for twelve months. The parents must understand that running the buses as per the norms of Supreme Court/ Local Administration and with all commercial charges paid to the Governments makes school people to charge for the full session.

  5. The bus facility is for the students not for the parents/guardians.

  6. Any damage made to the bus by some student shall have to be made-up by the parents of such a student.

  7. If any nonsense is created by some student while boarding the bus, the bus service to such a student would be stopped immediately and there would be no claim of any refund of the money deposited.

  8. During break-downs of the bus, the parents will have to make their own arrangements to get their ward to school as well as to get back from the school.

  9. The parents will use the bus service from the stop allotted to their child and they will not insist the bus staff to get the bus to their thresh-hold or stopping somewhere at the place of their choice.

  10. The parents must understand that the buses of school are used for carrying their wards only and not for any other commercial purposes. So, they will accept that any break-down in the bus service provided to their ward will be taken as natural and they will not claim any concession for the break-down days. During break-down days they will send their ward to the school on their own and will receive their ward at the school at the closing hours.

  11. It will be parents responsibility to receive their ward at the given stop and as well as handing over their ward to the bus-conductor in the morning. It will not be responsibility of the school to get your ward to your house in any case.

  12. The student will avail the bus facility from the given stop and the parents would not insist for the new stop during the running session.

  13. The payment of bus fee is to be made before 7th of the due date of the monthly Fee. The payment after' that date will cause a fine of Rs. 10/- per day for five days. After that the student will not be picked up by the school bus. The parents must not expect such a information of stopping the bus service from the school.

  14. The parents will be bound to bear the taxes etc. imposed on the bus by the State Govt./Central Govt. time to time and there would be approx. 10% enhance of bus fee every year.

  15. The bus facility is subject to the road conditions. If road is uneven or found un-worthy to ply the bus, the bus service will be stopped while informing the parents and in such a case no refund of deposit of bus fee etc. will be made, and the parents shall have to arrange their own conveyance.

  16. During Examination days/ Extra Special Classes Days and whenever there is less number of students, they will share the single bus plied on the same route.