Director’s Desk

Founder & Director
From the Director’s Desk
The passion to provide quality education especially to the rural children of the educationally deprived villages near Rajpura paved the way for establishment of Jasmine Educational and Cultural Society which then went on to open Sapt Sring Public School near Kutha Kheri village.
The school is managed by a registered body comprising persons drawn from the field of education and public men of high standing and retired officers of Indian Army and Indian Air Force.
Education is the greatest tool at our command to build the careers of our children. The basic aim of a school is to provide a child with ample opportunities to explore, discover, develop and learn the skills of survival in this competitive world.
To achieve this aim our first objective is to catch the young generation of rural India and provide them with the best of educational facilities near their home in villages.
The next objective is to groom them in such a way to become disciplined and work for all round development during their formative years of life.
Another objective of the school is to provide a platform for the young children to select a career in of their liking and aptitude and work for its achievement.
The essence of SSPS ethos is reflected in the school motto  ‘Education for Excellence’ . Life at SSPS aims at training and motivating students to target academic success and career goals, without forgetting that the ultimate aim is to develop well rounded personalities with sound values, strong character and deep sensitivity.