About Hemkund Sahib & Sapt Sring:-

Hemkund (Hemkunt) Sahib is a holy shrine of the Sikhs. This sacred Gurudwara is situated at an elevation of 4,329 mts (15,200 feet) above sea level in a place called Lokpal, in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India. This gurudwara is associated with the tenth guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh. Hemkund is a Sanskrit name. Literal meaning of the word Hemkund is a pond of snow (“Hem” means snow and “Kund” or “Kunt” denotes a pond or Lake). The lake in Hemkund Sahib is surrounded by the seven mountain peaks , which are covered in snow and each peak is adorned by a Nishan Sahib (Sikh Flag) on its cliff. All these seven peaks around Hemkund together are known as the Sapt Sring.

About his own life Guru Gobind Singh writes in his auto-biography as under


The Guru Ji tells us about his previous incarnation, that in the Himalayan range, where there is Sapt Sring Mountain, on that hill he meditated the Name of God. In his meditation when he became one with God, then the Almighty ordained him to take birth in India in order to crush the cruel rulers........READ MORE

Sapt Sring Public School, at village Kutha Kheri near Rajpura (Punjab), is aptly named to inspire, encourage and educate the local uneducated peasants and their children in this educationally backward area to learn to follow the true path, stay away from evil and how to survive in this Kalyug as taught by the Great Saint and Soldier Guru Gobind Singh. The students are encouraged and motivated to take up education as a Tapasaya (meditation) to follow the path shown by the tenth Guru of Sikhs- Guru Gobind Singh Ji