special emphasis

  1. Moral Education / Value Education
  2. Through good inspiration, moral education becomes so natural that it courses through the veins as part of the blood streams. Our school lays emphasis on charity, tolerance, good conduct, making good citizens and promoting international brotherhood that makes the students mentally capable of becoming active, useful and worthy citizens of society.

  3. Social  Behaviour Classes
  4. To inculcate good habits among the young students, SSPS provides social Behavior classes throughout the course. These are classes in scientific spirituality so that their spirits must dominate their bodies and minds to go very smoothly in this zig-zag materialistic world. They are given classes to respect their parents and elders while speaking & behaving gently to win the hearts of the people. SSPS is arranging special English Speaking Classes to enhance the speaking, writing and listening skills.

  5. Co-Curricular Activities
  6. Extra -curricular activities provide a diversion from the activities of daily routine and are essential for all round development of students. All the students are  given adequate opportunity to take part in various co-curricular activities like debates/elocution Contest, Essay writing, painting competition, dramatics, Quiz contests, science Projects and various musical programmes. Certain Art and Craft activities like  Card Making, Diya Making, Rakhi Making, Rangoli,  Drawing, Painting, Candle Making,  Cooking, Sewing, Best out of waste  Competitions are on the working schedule of the school. The classes in music and dances are also undertaken. The students are also given lessons in Personality development. For little ones, musical rhymes, poems, fancy dress, frog race, solo or group dance, clay modelling, religious and patriotic action songs, identification of colours or things etc have been enlisted.

  7. Audio-Video Educational Kits for Kindergarten Section
  8. Tiny tots are the base of all educational institutions. For the overall development of this blooming section, many arrangements have been made here. All the modern facilities like computer, LCD, VCD or DVD are being used to boost the potential of K.G. classes. In daily routine rhymes, poems and playful activities are a part and parcel of junior teaching.

  9. Sports And Games
  10. Games as well as sports are a part and parcel of the school system. A sound mind lives in a sound body. So, to provide proper guidance and care in this respect, the school provides various facilities for various games.  

  11. Educational Tours & Excursions
  12. The school conducts educational tours from time to time. To make the students aware of the country’s rich heritage and rapid transformation, under the guidance of teachers, short picnics to various places are also organized. Every attempt is made to organise adventure programmes and excursion for children to various places at subsidised rates. This helps in  developing the initiative and confidence of a child. The students are taken to  Science City, and nearby Air Force and Army establishments

  13. Language Lab
  14. The school plans to have a Language Lab for Spoken English Classes, public speaking  and personality development training for students.

  15. Fine Arts    
  16.  In-order to ensure the extra-ordinary development of students, the school provides cultural/ artistic training for the students.

  17. Computer Education / Multimedia Theatre
  18. Computer education is given from class 1st onwards. The school has highly modernized computer laboratory and the multimedia theatre with latest computer infrastructure. Students can get the practical knowledge through high-tech computers.

  19. Music / Dance/ Activity Room
  20. For the all-round development of the children, music, dance, drama, acting, singing and other activity classes are arranged for the students. School encourages the students’ artistic taste.

  21.  Annual Function
  22. SSPS organises Annual Function to highlight the achievements of its students every year. The students who excel in education, sports and other co-curricular activities are honoured. The students who make a place worldwide are also recognized.

  23. Counselling
  24. The purpose of education is to identify every child’s potential and develop his/her character, ability and intellect to new dimensions. So, a part of our job is to nurture and develop talent to help them find a niche for themselves. In counseling with the experts, students can seek new avenues and achieve great heights.

  25. Adoption of weak students
  26. In order to improve the weak students academically, a new system of adopting weak students by the teachers has been introduced this year. Under this system every teacher has adopted 2 to 5 weak students and has taken up the responsibility to improve them academically.

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