Salient Features

  1. Hi-Tech Computer Lab: Our school has a Hi-Tech Computer Lab consisting of 35 computers. It is well-equipped and well-furnished.

  2. Smart Classrooms.  Although in a rural area the school has three  latest version of touch screen Class rooms from EDUCOMP.

  3. Hi-tech Labs : Our school has a well-equipped and well-furnished Composite Science Lab  and a Maths Lab. The school will have  separate Science labs for  Physics ,  Chemistry  and  Biology  in the near future.

  4. Rich Library : Our school has a rich library. There are approximately 6000 books  and 10 monthly magazines and journals are also available, along with all kinds of newspapers. There is a good quality and well-managed furniture for the students. CDs on various subjects are also accessible to the students.

  5. C.C.TV. Cameras : CCTV Cameras have been installed in our school to create a secure and safe atmosphere for the students.

  6. Music & Dance: Our school has a well-equipped Music Room, with the latest musical instruments. Opportunities are given to all the students to bring out their latent talent in singing, dancing, dramatics and instrumental music.

  7. Sports : Besides having a very big playground, our school has a very good volleyball court, Kho-Kho court, 200 yards  running track,  All the students are provided sports facilities according to their interests. The school actively participates in Inter school Hockey Tournament and as been a winner for last couple of years.

  8. Medical Helpline/First Aid Facility : Believing in the saying ‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body’, the school has a very well-delineated health programme for students. All students are checked medically by a team of specialists consisting of a dentist, an eye-specialist and a general physician. The school has a First aid room and a doctor is also available in the adjacent village on call.

  9. Water Coolers with Aquaguards : To save our students from the water-borne diseases, Aquaguards  and  RO plants have been installed with  the waters coolers.

  10. Tuckshop : Due to the far distance of the town, the school has a well-maintained  tuckshop to serve the students daily needs of notebooks and stationery etc.

  11.  Generators : In order to solve the problem of ‘electricity cut’, a 20 KVA generator has been installed in the school.