Examination Policy

  1. In order to make the Education stress free for students, they will be assessed through Continuous Evaluation System, as per the Guidelines issued by C.B.S.E. New Delhi.

  2. As per CBSE Guidelines, no marks will be awarded. Only Grades will be given.

  3. Those candidates who obtain Grade E1 and E2 in subjects of External Examination shall have to improve their performance through maximum of one attempt to qualify the subjects.

  4. To be eligible for qualifying certificate a candidate must obtain at least Grade D in all subjects.

  5. Only those who are awarded a Qualifying Certificate will be eligible for admission in next class.

  6. It is compulsory to pass in theory and practical exam separately in class XI and XII.

  7. At least 75 % attendance in the academic year is compulsory for promotion to the next class, even if he/she satisfies the pass criteria.

  8. If a child is sick and is unable to appear in any of the tests/examinations, he/she may be considered for promotion on medical grounds by producing a Medical Certificate of MBBS doctor/Medical Officer.

  9. The decision of the school authorities regarding the detention of a pupil will be final.

  10. If a student indulges in unfair means at the time of exam, his/her answer sheet will be treated as cancelled.